OFFICIAL - CA Commercial Insurance Thread -=>All Lines<=-

This forum is wonderful, but it's almost too big! I tried searching many different threads that focus on CA Commercial insurance, all lines, but couldn't find any, so I wanted to start this one.

Whether your trying to place a liability policy for a condo/apt. complex, or whether your trying to write workers comp in CA, lets use this thread to keep all CA Commercial Insurance in one spot, whatever kind of Business insurance your looking to write in CA.

Let the CA Business posts begin:
Hello norcalinsurance,

You're gonna find most agents on this forum are mostly health & life agents. There are a few that multi-line such as myself but even then my passion is in health & life insurance, only writing auto/home/commercial for quick easy bucks by cross selling my health and life clients and vice versa.

Good luck.
Okay, I'll bite.
I need to find a carrier for a vacant building (San Jose, CA), corner of a busy intersection, used to be a restaurant, currently fenced off, but unusually little clearance between the building and the street.

Vacant buildings are tough, this has no real security to it.

Small building in Oroville, 10 feet of clearance to property line and significant brush. ARS rating is okay, but brush kills everyone. Any ideas where to place this? Basically, it's down to invading the neighbors property to clear the brush.

Those are my only 2 issues this week.

Try Doris at Monarch Excess. She always finds a way to get you what you need:

[SIZE=+1] Doris Rojas
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Simi Valley, CA 90365
Phone: 805 577 6800 Ext. #. 229
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Good to have this thread. I just recently joined and it looks like most people on here are Life/Health.

I have a infant/childrens shoes manufacturer that makes fabric shoes for infants to 3 year olds locally. No imported items. Recent contract they secured is requiring $1MM/$5MM GL with products liab. I got a quote with burlington for the first layer $1MM/$2MM, but can't find anyone to do the excess $3MM for a reasonable price. AIG would have been able to do it at a good price, but underwriter declined due to the infant/child clothing class. I have had a few other declinations and so far the best I can get is something in upwards of $5k, which is a lot for this start up.

Anyone know a market that might specialize in this?

If AIG declined, you are in trouble. Take the 5K and run with it. It's actually not bad for the risk, given all the recalls on childrens products lately.....

If AIG declined, you are in trouble. Take the 5K and run with it. It's actually not bad for the risk, given all the recalls on childrens products lately.....

Yeah, I think that's what I'm going to do.

I just think that because they are manufacturing locally and are "eco-friendly" (the shoes are basically layers of fabric and thread) using no harsh solvents or glues. Wouldn't somebody want to write this at a decent price? All materials and manufacturing is in the US, I could see a problem if there were materials from china or something. Isn't there a special program somewhere for eco-friendly products?:arghh:
I wish I could help you out Josephlee. This is a very interesting product to write. This is a complete shot in the dark, but have you tried Chubb? I'm not even sure if you need to be a Chubb agent to write the business, I don't know, just a thought.
Regarding Vacant Bldgs.

I don't know about CA, but USLI, a Berkshire Hath company has been great for me.

You would need to find a surplus lines brokerage with this carrier.

They have a email address on the website to help you locate a wholesaler in your area.