Older worker looking for feedback about Ins. Adjusting Field

Hi from Connecticut!

I'm a 56 year old woman who is studying for the All Lines Adjusting Exam.

I left the high-tech field 20 years ago and have been mostly teaching art to adults, fixing up houses, and doing retail customer service and sales since then. I find that I'm not challenged enough and need to find something new.

The insurance adjusting field interests me-- particularly property adjusting--but I've been afraid that I'm not going to find a company that is interested in training a 56 year old worker and that my studies are going to lead me to a dead end.

Any feedback about the chances of landing a job after the exam, or other insights would be very welcome!

MG from Connecticut
One advantage you have is being in CT where there are lots of insurance companies.

Another advantage is "fixing up houses." I had a lot of experience in the building trades building my garages and fixing up my own houses. That knowledge was a big asset during my adjusting years.

I don't have any citations for this but there seems to be less age discrimination in corporate America then there was a couple of decades ago when I was in my fifties.

All you can do is watch the ads and make the calls. Consider a headhunter that specializes in insurance people. I worked as a temp adjuster for a few years before finding the final job of my career before retiring.

I recall that State Farm had a training program where they would send candidates to the home office in Bloomington IL for training.

Hartford had an underwriter training program a long time age. Might have one for adjusters.

Also consider getting a P&C agent's license. Could get your foot in the door. I was an agent for decades before I was an adjuster.
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Thank you for the great advice!

I'll look into getting a P&C agent's license too while I'm already studying. I'd rather be in the field than behind a desk, but you make a good point about getting my foot in the door.

There should be a headhunter in the Hartford area that specializes in insurance. I'll try to figure out who is recruiting.

Thanks again!