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One Beacon


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Any of you eastern P & C Agents who might be looking for additional personal lines carriers might take a look at this new company. One Beacon has created a new spin off company named Houston General here in Pa, and they are also expanding into several other states this year. Good compensation package and aggressive recruiting going on right now.
I think VA is scheduled for 2007 or early 2008. You'd have to make contact with them to double check.
I am in Arizona and an independent insurance agent. I brought Houston General on as a carrier, which is a part of One Beacon. The rates are generally very good. The support good. They reward with good rates clients with good insurance credit scores who are ticket/accident free. I would recommend them highly at this point.

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I'm in PA and I will look them up. Since I'm a very brand New Agency as of a couple days ago. I need a few carriers to add on.