Online Pharmacies


Would appreciate some recommendations for online pharamcies or other options for individuals who can purchase prescription drugs for prices less than the local drugstore.
Just be diligent:

Good things to pay attention to:

  • there is no way to contact the Web pharmacy by phone.
  • there is no physical address given for the pharmacy – only a post office box or no address at all.
  • prices are dramatically lower than the competition.
  • no prescription from your doctor is required.
  • they offer an online “consultation” (usually in the form of a questionnaire) after which they will “prescribe” and send you one or more drugs.
  • their sales pitch sounds too good to be true (i.e., promising “miracle” cures, offering fast and easy prescription drugs with no doctor needed)
Several of my clients have used CrossBorder & Isrameds for years, no problems. I never recommend something like this unless I have first hand knowledge, or from a reliable source.
My 82 year old mother won't take Part D because she gets all her BP meds from Israel and she says they are cheaper than anywhere she can find in Florida.

Is the quality good? I don't know... but she can kick my butt!