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Part B Premium

Happens more than you think. Especially with self employed.

Simply go back in Jan and sign him up for B again. Starts the whole process over again. Just like T65 except for a possible LEP.

I've done the same guy three times. And still no lep.
Unfortunately he died a few months ago.
I have a client who was approved for A&B June 1. They have not filed income tax returns for five years due to an audit. ( Their excuse)

How will they determine the Part B premium? I suggested filing and then amending and they refused.

if they have W2 income it will get reported to SS eventually.If self employed not so much.If no income has reported to SS for 2022 they will be charged the standard 174.90 premium for 2024 but i am pretty sure the guvment will come back for more if they eventually report a high income for 2022