Penn Life


Hi Guys

After a really bad experience (with a company I was warned about here) I am ready to go back to FE expense only. I had a meeting with a Pennsylvania Life manager, and I'm now doing my homework before making a decision.

Any thoughts or experiences with Penn Life, especially here in CA? Thanks!
As I understand it Pennsylvania Life is mainly engaged in selling Med Supps and Medicare Advantage (Today's Options) for drastically reduced commissions, where the only way to really make money is to recruit a lot of agents under you.
You are both right. They have seperate divisions of captive and brokerage. The rules are very different for each.
Some other major FE players are Transamerica, Lincoln Heritage, and I think Oxford. There are some old threads about FE products, marketing, etc.
I recieved the best training there compared to the other captive places I have worked. After you get trained there is no reason to stay captive.

We had PLENTY of people to see each week there. We would call on current clients that bought disability 10-20 yrs prior and tried to cross sell senior products. Commissions sucked though. The only way to make decent money there is to have a down line. You definetly develop a good work ethic there.

Just because I got good training there doesn't mean you will get the same. It depends on the office. Oh I also forgot, they paid us to collect the premiums on the old disability products. And some times we would see people 3 weeks after another office had sent an agent there which sucked.