PFFS Update from Pyramid


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Received a couple of emails from a representative of Pyramid. This is NOT from the marketing department, but should be of interest.

I thought this sample kit might help you during your recertification. I recommend being ready for that because I'm certain that the suspension of sales of Today's Options will not last as long as I had initially thought. I'll share information as I receive it. For now, here is some "study" material. Take care and best regards.

The study material is the 2007 sample mailing kit to new memebers and other similar information.

One more thing for you...

As I've explained to many of you, the suspension of sales for the Today's Options plan was a voluntary action taken by Pyramid, allowing for CMS to evaluate each heath plan individually, to ensure that those plans were adhering to the current provisions and preparing for the 2008 requirements. This posed or will pose no concerns for Pyramid because Pyramid is currently running it's book of business based on the 2008 protocol.

The most significant reason behind CMS's decision to call for a suspension of sales of ALL Medicare Advantage plans was a result of non-compliant and inappropriate sales and marketing practices. Although Pyramid was NOT singled out as a perpetrator, Pyramid is putting in place an action plan to eliminate this from potentially occurring within our organization in the future. Having said that, I've attached a compliance memo for your review. Many of the bullet points may be touched on during recertification. I hope you find it helpful. Thanks and best regards.

The attachment from this email is the compliance document from 04/07.

Thought this might be of interest.