Phone number look-ups


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What is zippy these days as far as phone number look-ups? I mean something more advanced than directory assistance or the phone book.

Are updated numbers from phone companies online somewhere. Are updated numbers available on CD for look-up? How current is the info on yahoo or something like that?

What is handy in that area these days?


i have found that  Dogpile - White Pages is current and multiple clicks to get to search however they don't have a reverse address search so i am still looking for the ultimate directory for my favorites.

Along the same line does any know a good national doctor search that is current , user friendly and doesn't require a log in or verification code after each search. I use to use all the time but they now require an anti spam verification code after each search. I like Web MD because the doc search results will give you valuable information like - others doctors in practice ,insurance accepted and hospital affiliation.