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Does anyone have a proven phone script for calling seniors to see if they want to save money on their Med Sup plans?

I've heard that there are telemarketing companies using Medicare approved scripts for part c plans. Does any know the name & phone # of
those companies or have access to a Medicare approved script?
HI Insuranceman

i dont really have a script persay -- and it has been discussed on these boards before

basically who is it that you are calling -- the turning 65? or older?
if you need some help email me and i can give you a scenerio and some pointers -- it seems to work for me.. I go with whatever works..
Hello Mrs. smith How are you today The reason for my call is I am a senior advisor in(name your town) and I am going to be in your area tomorrow discussing with some seniors the new changes in medicare as well as your choices and I was wondering if I could drop that info off to you I have times available am or pm which do you perfer are you enrolled in part A and B who is your present med supp carrier And that is it I talk in a conversation type way I am a good ol' boy so my laid back mannerisms I think helps I also call in the rural areas less competion and I have found that they are usually nicer and more receptive than the "city slickers" are :P
Because that is a way to get your foot in the door. It is rare that somebody is IN the area.

Some agents have appts. in an area and do their best to schedule more informal meetings (a.k.a I will be in your area on such a date/time). Other agents use the phrase to set-up appts. I have done both and prefer to sell over the phone, unless their are circumstances that prohibit that from occuring.
I simply use that as a soft sell approach to get my foot in the door when I get there then I try to get my whole body though the door to the kitchen table. It really depends a lot on their demeanor when I get there on how I proceed.(th meaner they are th less likely I am on getting my foot in th door lol)
Hello Mr / Mrs _____________________

My name is ________ with __________ over here on 5th & main.

The reason for my call is to assist you in accessing the numerous offers you have recently received in the mail about your Medicare supplement plan.

My company specializes in comparing these offers and the service is free of charge.

I’ll be in you area tomorrow, is 1 or 2 better for you?

CLOSE FOR THE APPOINTMENT not the product. Don’t get sucked into anything else during this call. You can dazzle them with your brilliance in person. There are to many objections they will use to blow you off when going into details over the phone.

My $0.02 Good luck.