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I am thinking about giving my Mom an opportunity to help me with my telemarketing. She is EXCELLENT on the phone as she has been working the switchboard at a local hospital for the last 10 yrs.

Basically I would want her to call a list of people by working a script just to get the appointment. She will not be licensed so all she will be asking the folks for is the appointment.'s where I need the constructive criticism. Wise move? Any problems with this idea?
Sounds like a wonderful idea. I also have 3 employees plus my mother that have worked for me for many years. We have since sold our business. Once I get up and running they plan on getting together once or twice a week to cold call for me. They won't take any pay, they just want to help me out for all the years I helped them. They are all over 65 years old, but act like a bunch of teenagers when they get together, plus they have the gift for gab.
JUST as long as she does not start explaining benefits you are fine..get the info you need(MAKE A LIST)...he will be there at 3pm to explain the details.....and if this is all That is said your good....and teach her not to bad mouth co's and it will work great.....
Good deal. I've been mainly working health leads but what i'm going to have her do is work a list of business owners for my health business one day then do over 65 the other day.

Going to have her work just two days a week. That way she can set my senior market appts for mon/tues and business owners for wed/thurs.
I think it's a great idea. While at UGA one of the top reps in my division had her mother setting appointment. One of the top reps in the country had his wife doing it.
That way she can set my senior market appts for mon/tues and business owners for wed/thurs.

When will she be calling seniors to set appointments for Mon. and Tues.?

The biggest problem I have had in setting senior appointments is setting them too far in advance. By too far in advance, I am talking about beyond the next day that I call them. Literally.

If I make the appointment more than one day in advance of the day I call them I will almost always get a few "no-shows". For each day in advance of that my percentage of catching them at home at the appointed time is reduced dramatically.

I always set a specific time that I will be there. I ask them to write it down and give me a 15 minute window to allow for traffic.

The seniors you will be calling may be different than the ones I call.
Frank makes a great point. I always try to go no more then 2 days out. So, if your appointment setter is calling on a Friday to set Tuesday appointments, you may want to follow up.

Then again, if you call they can cancel over the phone. If you are there, then you are prob going to sit with them.
All great points...and well taken. Thanks to all.

One more question: What is fair compensation for her effort? Pay per appt? Per hour? Should I pay her extra if a sale is made?