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Poor fella!!


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One home is rented out, bought Landlord policy, to include the loss of rent, code upgrade , etc.,
Home burns down in 2005, met with insurance adjuster, provided insurance company all documents and information they needed and asked for. Insurance Company told me I had to find a contractor. And needed me to run around town getting documents, filing, visiting city clerk, paying for all other expenses, to include, the payment of disposing hazardous material. I asked Insurance Adjuster, of the total payment or estimate and length of time it should take or is needed to complete new construction on property. Asked about the loss of rent, notifed mortgage company and was told by Insurance Adjuster, there were "no time limitation or limitation to loss of rent payment, but when construction cease and is completed"
I work daily to include weekend hours as well. Need to pay for my other mortgages and monthly bills. So need to work. Plus, salary is based on commission. I provided Insurance company with all documents requested and required. Obtained all signature and approval paper as needed. But because of my schedule and this is first time property was loss, I wasn't able to find a contractor until the 3rd month after the incident.
Unfortunely, construction was put on hold, needed city inspection and approvals. After obtaining it, construction was again delayed, due to city building inspection, etc., and holiday. Insurance Adjuster asked for timeline, I gave them contractor's timeline and other document. Running back and forth and into circles or wall of confusion. Getting stressed and frustrated. Losing clients and commission. And Insurance still wanted more and more and more and more. I did everything, gave them everything and anything. Then Insurance cancelled on this property's policies, for no "apparent and reasonable cause", but stating it did not meet their standards of insuring on Nov. 28, 2005. The same month but days earlier, I was admitted to the emergency hospital. Diagnosised etc., just totally stressed out. but return to work the following day. Lost my commission and clients due to Insurance Company's invading my work hours via phone, for me to run out and get them information.
After the year 2005 ended, Farmers were asking again why construction was taking a long time. So repeated the process of sending, faxing, obtaining signatures and notories to Insurance Company. In Jan 2006, they paid for the loss of rent one last time. And then, no more. Construction did not finish until July 2006. From Feb 2006 to July 2006, I had to pay the extra mortgage along with my current mortgage and other bills. Throughout construction work, I forked out and paid a total of $16,750.00 for all other work, covered and not covered by insurance company. But insurance will not pay for.
When looking back into the declaration, there were no statement limiting expiration time and listing date as to construction on property that is loss. Also, remenbering what Insurance Adjuster said. I wrote a letter asking why loss of rent payment was stopped since construction is not yet finished and property is not livable yet. Insurance Adjuster wrote a letter back, stating, I took too much time. And that they feel they should not have to pay me for loss of rent anymore, due to my lagging and slacking and it took a total of 3 months before construction did even start. They state. Also because I was not keeping in touch with them.
But remenber this, construction was delayed due to city requirements and code upgrade. And code upgrade is covered in policy.
Insurance Company did not do anything to help lighten the stress and just overwhelmed me during the entire time. Loss clients and commission, due to repeatedly having to obtain and copying, submitting the same sh.it for insurance company over and over. I had to meet up with the contractor myself. Pretty much, there were no point in getting insurance for my property. Was so overworked and used, health issue arises. Having to pay the extra mortgage and other fees to include my other mortgage and bills, damaged me effectively and ruthlessly. To the point, I couldn't even afford medical prescription to sustain my health and wellness.
Would you say this is insurance bad faith? or am I just an insurance policy holder who is NUTS!?!?!
I believe I just got an ulcer reading your post.

Maybe you should have gotten a lawyer a long time ago, seems to me like your getting the run around.

What company is this....Farmers?