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Need help I am currently looking for medical insurance for pre existing conditions that I have I have cobra insurance now but it
will end at end of the month I have diabetes and high blood pressure
also displaced from Katrina now living in Georgia checked with the bbb
given a lot of info also called Georgia Dept of Insurance they will get back to me , Does anyone out ther have any suggestions, I am not cronically
ill wheras I need constant care or run to the doctor every time the wind blows but I would like to be covered for a moderate cost. Any suggestions????
With Diabetes, you are uninsurable on the individual market. There are three routes you can take:
  1. Get a part-time job, and get coverage through there (ask John, he can tell you how easy it is to get a part time job)
  2. Contact the Department of Insurance, and get on their Indemnity Plan (very expensive)
  3. Get a discount card, and get swiss cheese coverage (better than not having any coverage, but not as great as having major medical)
Most part-time jobs don't offer medical benefits. Looking for a job with benefits is the best option. Bob is correct that individual insurance companies will not take you.
GA uses an assignment system which means when COBRA expires the DOI will assign you to a carrier . . . usually Blue.

The plans available are limited benefit (Blue offers an indemnity plan) and high premium. Basically a higher premium than COBRA and lesser benefits.

Starbucks is one place that offers benefits to part timers.

Type II diabetes with no other problems is a maybe with Aetna. Throw in the HBP and you have a deal killer.
I would like to be covered for a moderate cost. Any suggestions????

Move to Mass. before July 1. They may have an residency requirement of X months/years, but there is no way they will be able to adaquately enforce it.

Or move to CA or some state that has a good HIPPA-after-COBRA plan.

Best thing you can do is get a job with large company that has a rich benefit plan and who pays 100%.

Or start a business of your own, hire someone and get your own group plan, which is guarantee-issue in GA, to the best of my knowledge.

You're one of the MANY people that the current system fails. A few agents (on this board... and in my community too) gripe at me for making the suggestion of starting a business (and giving you the info on how to do it) and think I'm being un-ethical... but %$#@ 'em. I'm here to help people like you, not be 'liked' or 'accepted' by 'them.'

MA is about to issue a stay of execution on the mandated coverage. Seems the politicians can't find the plan they promised at the promised rates.

Yeah, I am shocked too.

He can start a business (easier said than done) and can hire another FT employee and get guaranteed issue health insurance. Last one I checked on was going to run about 3x the cost of a regular policy (if they could have qualified) + the salary for the extra employee + 50% of the premium for that employee.

About $3500 per month in salary & premiums to cover 2 people.

Better off getting a job at Starbucks.
If you are here, in the Atlanta area, there are two places you can go:

Babies R Us, on Mount Vernon, is hiring. All you need to do is work 12 hours a week, and you get full benefits after two weeks.

Allconnect, in Dunwoody, on Hammond Drive, is always hiring for customer service agents. They pay benefits after 30 days.

Good luck.
Has anyone heard of
The Per4mance Health Plan

[FONT=&quot]Apparently the product's still being underwritten but is due to be up and running on July 15th with an effective date of August 1st. My company will be peddling this product.[/FONT]
Per4mance looks like a plan that was rolled out about a year ago by a TPA out of NY. The carrier then was supposed to be Pan Am, then later Chesapeake. They were marketing it in a few states via an association. I was told the plan was approved in all 50 states but the DOI in GA never confirmed. In fact, the DOI said the policy form & application both were illegal in GA.

So . . . who is the carrier on this? How many states is it filed in?

I find it curious that the PPT does not mention a carrier or policy form. (If so, I must have missed it. Please point it out).

Absent those items you cannot legally offer it in any state.

Perhaps you need to team up with the zero premium life guys. That could be a deadly combination.

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