Private Message Spam


I figure it is about time to post this again.

Sending multiple unsolicited private messages to our members is spam and we reserve the right to terminate anyone's membership for engaging in this behavior. I receive complaints all the time and I am sure that only a small percentage of those receiving the spam even complain.

If you want to make an offer to our members then you have to face the scrutiny of the hordes. If you have no posts and no reputation here then work on it before making your pitch.

We don't owe anyone free advertising. Many people on this forum sell products services or contracts and make good money from marketing to our members. No one pays us to post their products or services. If you want to get your product or service out, then you post it publicly and face the scrutiny of our crack team of investigators.
Hi Sam,
Long time no see. :)

I will fix this issue for you. The spammers will get their medicine.
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As a frequent "spamee," I would like to meet anyone who has ever actually responded to a spammed message they had received.

Hopefully, this doesn't get spammed to everyone. LOL
I responded and received $10,000,000 from the bank of Nigeria, just for giving out my routing and account number - I can't believe it worked!!!

Let's see what I received this week...

I won $5,000,000 in the Canadian Lottery...I can double the size of my...well, you know what...Christy has some pictures she wants to show me...I can refinance for no closing costs...My colon needs cleansing...I can get health insurance for $59 per month...I won another 250th this year...