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I have no clue about these leads - have never used 'em. Just passing along an email I got:

Dear Insurance Agent:
Our phones have been ringing off the hook since we announced our biggest discounts ever on our Select Health Leads 2 weeks ago.
But with the busy Thanksgiving holidays, we've heard that many of you didn't have enough time to capitalize on our bonus lead bonus and up to half-off savings on our premium health leads. So by popular demand, we're extending our special holiday offer!
If you haven't heard...we've dropped our rates on our highest-quality Select health leads by up to 53% off! And if that weren't enough, you can get another 15 Bonus leads (worth $150) with your order! Here's how it works:
  • $8 for State OR County Leads
    Normally $15 and $10, these Select leads are only $8 per lead for both types - that's up to 46% OFF!
  • $7 Leads
    With our minimum commitment package of 1 lead per day, we'll drop it even further to an incredible $7 per lead - a 53% discount!
  • Bonus leads
    And with that minimum commitment, you'll also get an additional BONUS 15 Select leads immediately.
We know that once you've seen for yourself the high ROIs our Select leads offer, you'll be hooked. And if you've been waiting for the right opportunity to test drive the industry's premier health leads, this is your chance and these are your leads:
SERIOUS shoppers generated using cutting-edge search engine marketing (SEM) algorithms, delivered in REAL TIME with a 10-Day No Obligation Guarantee.​
For more information or to reserve your Select health leads, call us immediately at 1-877-561-9663 or check out our ProspectZone Holiday Special Offer page.
I just signed up last week. It's too early to tell. I have received about six leads (one per day). It looks like I have one sale.

I have noticed that most of the leads are single people under the age of 35 in below-average income areas. Maybe just a coincidence. Maybe not.
Chumps, I'll be curious how these work out for you. I was given a 600 credit for these leads and they sucked. Then again, all leads suck (not the people, but the quality of the leads). Please post your progress...
Had to commit for 90 days. One lead per day.

Be careful don't take too many leads Chumps... Could you start slower maybe 1/2 lead per day?

OK had to do it... lol...

Good luck we don't buy those in OH , we only buy Select Leads in Lebanon. lead per day is pretty lame, but I am falling behind on the callbacks, so I figured I would wade in slowly.

Can't beat the price of those Lebanon leads. The problem is that UHC, BC, Aetna and Humana all exclude gunshot wounds and any injury resulting from a car bombing. Lately, I have been placing my Lebanon business with MedGulf. Commish is payed in European currency, but no big deal. Here's their link: