Prospect Zone

Very expensive leads....

And when I was buying them I was dealing with these discount plan people trying to sell discount plans as major med.

Generate your own leads.
I was extremely dissatisfied! I've never been screamed at more in my life than with those leads.

You can do better!
As long as a shared lead is delivered in real time, uses key-word search engines to generate the leads, (not banner ad or incentive ads) and has a decent return policy you're after the cheapest lead you can get your hands on.

Watch sites touting their leads are "better" or "more qualified" then other sites. No one has a more qualified leads since clients simply stumble onto a variety of sites and plug in their info.

I once fell for this - paid $15 a pop for leads touted as "high quality." I got destroyed.

This is a numbers game and you need a lot of leads. I'd never pay more than $8 a pop and you're looking for less than that.
I am getting a very good rate with PZ, but my ROI lags far behind others.

When my trial period is over, I will dump them.

Today's lead was typical...Male 56 on six meds with heart trouble. He was very nice and we mutually agreed that the VA was his best option since he can go there any time.

Before ending the call, I asked him how he found the site to enter his information. He said, "I searched under "Medicare Supplement Insurance."

PZ uses some useless key words to market their leads. Filters? Don't expect too many from them.