Prospecting based on new life needs


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One section of my marketing plan is to approach people based on specific life needs.

I want to target people that just had certain life events such as home purchase, new marriage, or new birth.

I essentially want to call people that I know just had certain events and say, "Hi Mr. Smith, this is Derek from the (COMPANY NAME) office over here on Main Street. It has been brought to my attention that you just (got married, had a baby, bought a home) and I was wondering if you'd like to come by the office to get your free insurance review to make sure that you're life insurance coverage still meets your new needs."

Thoughts on the script?

I've checked out a couple of list generation sites that sell lists based on new home purchases, but nothing with new marriages or births.
As I understand it, all of these pieces of information are public record. I just don't know where to find this info, however. I'm also not sure who sells info on new marriages or births.

A couple of the new home sites I checked appear to give BS data. For instance, one site said they had names, addresses, and numbers of 377 people who bought homes in my city in the last 4 months. Problem is, when I filtered it to high dollar purchases prices it still said there was 377. I want to avoid this kinda thing.

Any idea what to site to use?
Call choicepoint. They have life insurance modeled leads that do exactly what you are looking for. You buy them by the zip code.

They look for things like:
Marriage / Divorce
Bought a new house
Child under 6
new birth
etc ....

They will telemarket them for you for free, though there is a charge per lead generated. You can be assured the telemarketing is a reasonable lead, at least the person was spoken to by the agent, and did express an interest.


Interesting. My company has an arrangement with choicepoint. I've only been there a week. I'll have to ask questions about this.
Don't overlook your local County Courthouse, deeds have to be filed there and you simply go down once a week. It is free or should be, they may charge you a small (fifty cents) for printing it out or you can just write it down for nothing.

Births are release in your daily paper along with, once again the Court House, as in Birth Certificates.

Gee, government is good for something, record keeping. For some odd reason the government has always done that better then any other group out there going back thousands of years! It is there for your usage, so use it, its free! Plus it the freshest lead out there, I mean do people notify lead companies that they brought a house before the file the paperwork at the courthouse?
This also illustrates the important of a good fact finding session with your client at the start, and a process of Annual Client reviews.

A good fact finding session not only looks at changes (sold car, remodeled home, etc) but also things about their life.

If you were to do a Annual review with each client, then you probally would not miss things like a new baby.

You can also make a point of asking clients that stuff when they call in for servicing, new policy etc.

The bottom line is that you need a consistant process. You need to ask for the data, you need to collect the data into a program that can then be used to alert you to those life changes.