Purpose of Bird Insurance


Noah Wylie

You know pet insurances, very less people only having birds as their pets. But they won't insurance that, you should insure for birds also. There is a two-fold purpose for pet insurance for birds. Bird insurance covers the loss or theft of your bird. Exotic birds are prime targets for thieves, as they bring a high price on the black market. One form of bird insurance pet insurance insures the bird against theft.

Not only can your bird be stolen, but it can also get sick. When you consider that a bird can live up to 100 years in captivity, depending on the breed, you realize that there will be a significant amount of medical expenses accrued during the lifetime of your pet. Bird health insurance provides you with more affordable options for the health care for your exotic bird.

i think it will be useful for all birds lover ;)
Maybe this guy shoulda bought "pet insurances"...

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