Quack doctor = no insurance

Crabcake Johnny

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You can't help but feel sorry for people with quack doctors. I'm dealing with a gentleman now, age 61 and his family practice doctor thought he might have a heart condition after some tests. He apparantly mis-read the test results and "saw something he didn't like" and referred him to a cardiologist.

Client saw the cardiologist who ran a lot of tests including a complete stress test. Found nothing, claimed he has no idea what the first doctor saw but he's perfectly healthy. All this was six months ago. The cardiologist after the appointment literally said "I have no idea why you were referred to me."

Not a single carrier will take him - Assurant, GR, Blue, Aetna, etc...They all want the "diagnosis" from the first doctor. There was none. I put apps through two carriers, both orderes APSs and both declined without comment. Client sought a detailed explanation for the decline and has yet to receive one except "upon review of your medical records we cannot extend coverage to you at this time." He faxed me his records - nothing's there.

So basically this guy is screwed.
That is a shame. Perhaps he might want to look into the
Behavorial Health Qualifications of MHIP and use some creative thinking.
I'm on statins, so I guess I need to make sure I continue to get them from my endocrinologist or primary care doctor and refuse to go see a cardiologist. :| I'm only 32 and won't see a cardiologist anyway.
hummmmm.......sounds like a malpractice case to me.....

In the event that there was an incorrect diagnosis then yes you are correct. However, the comment was made in reference to a therapist using creative thinking because that is one component of their training.

why won't the "practice" dr take the results from the cardiologist and adjust those medical records? After all, he "referred" him to this dr, right?

Sloppy recordkeeping which exposes patient to a potential financial ruin is like faulty misdiagnosis.

BTW...just attended a mtg where there is a major med for sub-std people...including 60-65 and diabetics, heart, etc. Prem is 575/mo for single, about 1100 for 2.....don't know if they're in md