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Quarterly Insurance Newsletters


Anyone aware of a company that puts together e-mail and/or print newsletters that can be sent out on a quarterly basis. Thanks in advance
Honestly, it's collecting dust. I flipped through it and it was all stuff I had heard before.
The book teaches you how to do it for those that can't do it...but you can also just pay the lady to do it for you, where she mails a newsletter to your clients for you..

Her Email is [email protected]

I think it is very important to stay in touch with your clients..

I still do the birthday card and follow up card with most of my clients....
been using these guys for the content/layout for almost two years now PAGES Editorial Service they have tons of content, trivia, jokes, topics of concern, etc that you have access to every day of the week. I like the fact that if I get lazy, I can send it mostly "as is" Rarely do I get that lazy. This is an opportunity to sell, nurture clients you haven't spoken with in a while(as in my case) The trivia ?'s always seem to be a hot item with clients, we give away $10 gas cards to the winners and I swear some of these people wait by the mailbox to be first with the trivia answers:yes: We also put all of the last quarters referrers names in there as well...people love to see their own names:1cute: just counted the names... 37 referrers names going in my april edition !! Thank God for referrals! and happy clients!