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Quotes My Way

I just got a call from one of their salesman trying to get me to sign up for their internet leads. He said there are no agents getting them right now in my area and would be wise to sign up. I asked him how many agents they would end up sending the leads to, he said 3 or 4. I then asked him how much they are, he said $11.50.


I told him to send me an email with his contact info and company bio, if I'm interested I'll call him.

If anyone wants the email he sent me let me know, I'll be happy to forward it.
$11.50 is a steep price. They must think they are Most Choice, or Net Quote.
I did a "health insurance" search on google and yahoo, they are not showing up on the first page of either. So I cannot forsee many leads being generated.
Looks like a ground floor opportunity. No agents at all in my area.

Except for the other "3 or 4 agents" he said would also get them. Sounds like he is pushing his leads to a lot of underwear agents.

If he said "3 or 4" you can bet he really meant 13 or 14. I'm sure it was just an oversight on his part. Or, K-Dub just probably didn't hear he number one before his numbers. Some people just don't speak very clearly over the phone.

I would be all over that super deal.

How can some people sleep at night?

At that price they should be exclusive. I use to get exclusive leads for $9 each a couple of years ago. However, the company is MIA now. Maybe because the leads were so reasonable. I no longer buy leads. Even the $9 leads weren't as good as the ones I get myself.
I remember those days - $6 to $8 a pop, 1st page Google keyword driven, never shared with more than 3 agents and no call centers. As soon as that all went in the crapper I was done.

I'm certainly not gonna sit in my office and fight someone kicking out Copay Saver or Right Start....or the Ameriplan people. I have better ways to spend my marketing money.
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