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Stay away from their leads...

I gave them a shot because they matched my $50 deposit with an additional $50.00. I have received 10 leads... 6 of them I've had to request refunds on. The *** I've been dealing with is a complete ass as well. I asked them to refund my $50.00 deposit and of course they wouldn't do it. I'm sure it's in their "terms of service" but still... what a joke.

Stay away stay away!

Back to telemarketed leads I go!
I am also currently trying them and their sister company, leadsclearance.com. I have been with them for about 3 weeks and have only received 4 life leads and 1 annuity lead. Of these 5 leads, I have been unable to get a hold of 3 of them. 1 lead was interested, but has been unresponsive to follow up and the other lead was actually interested in health, not life.

I have bought 4 leads from Leadsclearance, 1 life, 1 annuity, 1 disability and 1 business benefit. The life lead was the only legit lead. They do not refund your payment, they merely credit your account.

While 3 weeks may not be long enough to give a fair trial, my initial impression is to not continue with them.
Leadsclearance.com. ONLY buy their leads on weekends when it is discounted. But beware: these are heavily recycled leads with VERY inaccurate information. I don't use them any more.

And several butcher's aprons.
What criteria do the vets use to determine lead quality?

1) How the lead is generated?
2) Percentage of bad leads (e.g., bad numbers, e-mails, etc.)
3) Ability to get credit or refund for bad leads.
4) Ability to turn leads on and off.
5) Lead stats (type of coverage, pre-existing conditions, timeframe for new policy, number, current carrier, premium, yadda yadda yadda).

Am I missing anything......

I agree 1 in 10 is as good as it gets on internet leads. I have also noticed that it depends on the state. In AZ I can close 1 in 10 but in CA it is closer to 1 in 30. The bad info leads are HUGE in CA no matter what lead source you use. I don't really know why.
In all fairness to QuotesAuction you can not determine true lead quality from 10 leads.

True but you can determine how much of an asshole the guy you are dealing with is within 1 minute. I would stay away based on my experience with their customer service alone.

I don't have a problem with leads I can't contact... that's part of the leads system and I get that. What I have a problem with is receiving leads where the guy has diabetes, and has PUT on the lead that he has diabetes, but I have that filtered out.