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Reasonable Expectations


My first question is what is a reasonable expectation for a first and second year salary, working part time, 9-2 + saturday and/or sunday. I know that is a loaded question with many variables. Do I have skills, can I sell, can I close. Yes, I think I do. My close ratio on wellcare MA plans was around 90%, I was able to set about 4-8 apts. per 25 leads. How much do things drop off after the 31st of march? Are people still able to do other things? What else do you have in your arsenal?

How much time do people spend setting appointments for the week? I seem to need 1 day off calling and doing paper work for each 2 days of appts., this seems like a lot to me.

Your honest comments and feedback are welcome.

Well, your closing ratio sounds incredible, but I'm unfamiliar with the product. Seems like you might have some tools of the trade. I'm sure if you work hard enough, 9-2 can yield something.
He is working with seniors. That is mostly daytime work. Hard to set anything after 3 or so. They like to take their naps before hitting Piccadilly for the early bird special.
Bob, you're killin' me! Sounds just like here in Florida...how 'bout a Medicare Advantage seminar at Piccadilly? Should be scheduled before Wheel of Fortune comes on though. Now that's a home run.

Arno, seriously here's my two cents worth. I don't work with seniors (too tedious for me) but it wouldn't seem difficult to sell MA plans - they don't have to give you any money! Hell, here in Florida some of 'em will even rebate the Part B premium ($93.50/month?).

To get an accurate idea of your ability/closing ratio, etc., you've got to sell 'em something where they have to actually part with moolah.

Add some stuff to your arsenal, burial policies, long term care, home health care, etc.

Ever see Marty Robbins out there in West Texas? Good luck!
Marty is dead. Died in 1982. Didn't know anyone on this board was old enough to remember him, much less his songs.

Guess I was wrong . . .
In addition to his music, he also raced NASCAR.

Could you imagine someone doing that today.
When Marty Robbins died, I was living in Nashville and working in the music industry. I did an odd thing, but it was quite profitable... He was to be buried at a cemetery (I think it was called Woodlawn?) and I bought up some of the cemetery plots surrounding his. Over the course of about a year, I sold them off at quite a profit! My early attempts at land speculation...!