Recomendations for E & O coverage?

What companies do you sell for and do you use a MGA? Many companies will offer one that they sponsor, thus creating a slight discount.
You can also try Aon.
E&O Coverage...

I work for an MGA. I can get you information on E&O Coverage.. carriers as you know have certain stipulations etc. If you are interested feel free to write me and I will get you the information needed.
1.5 million for $472 a year through AIP.:yes:

Interesting you post this. I write workplace supplements for Colonial and I got a letter this afternoon from AIP... offering E&O. Currently I have it with AON via Assurant... but since I've never written an Assurant policy (they are way over-priced in CA and they don't do group either) I'll probably lose my appointment... and probably my E&O. It is due May 1 and I've not heard from AON (Westport Insurance Corp... whoever they are?)

Is AIP a good organization?

I didn't know Assurant offered an E&O plan. The one with AIP is through Arch Insurance Group. You can go to AIP's website and look at the details. They also renew May 1st. I called last week but the lady I spoke with did not know what the new rates would be. Hopefully I never have to use it to see if it's any good.;)