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Found a book yesterday, at the library. It blew me away. The name of the book is: The New Health Insurance Solution ( ).

I was very impressed how the author, an economist by trade, presented the information.

Title: The New Health Insurance Solution
Author: Paul Zane Pilzer

I read it in one day.
And don't forget about JoAnn Mills Lang works on the HSA's such as the consumer and or business "What Everyone Should Know About HSA's"
first time I read the book, I was half-tempted to change the model of our agency. Convert everything towards HSA, and individual coverage.

Then three things happened that made me change my mind:

1) I put myself on an HSA
2) we had a baby
3) got lots of resistance from employers on the concept

It sounds great on paper, but when you have to live in the world of paying for everything out of pocket (tax-free or not) it is an entirely different situation! Families with children (especially little tiny ones) are not thrilled about HSA coverage. I couldn't sell my own wife on the concept when it came to our family
Families with small children and HSAs aren't a very good combination, especially newborns. In the first year, you are in the pediatricians office at least 6 times.
I read this book a couple of years ago. They do focus mostly on HSA's, however, I found it to be an excellent reference book for health insurance in general. After reading it, my close ratio was solid. Even though I was briefly speaking about HSA's, prospects saw my professional explanation of the health insurance industry in an easy to understand picture that they fully trusted my recommendations (usually not HSA's in their situation).

It's like recommending the book Missed Fortune 101 to a Life Insurance salesman... You may not go with the main theme but the picture of industry after reading the book is so profound that you'd be crazy not to read it.

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