I spent 2 years after college working part-time to save enough money to spend the summer at the Jersey shore. I loved it, but my dad was a little frustrated and asked my uncle for help, who got me a group rep job at MONY. My first job with them (1982) was in the Atlanta Group Office replacing an esteemed colleague on this forum.

Did not know what to expect, didn't even know what a Group Rep was or what Group Insurance was too. But have stayed on the wholesale side every since. Have never woke up and said I don't want to go to work.
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I was an opera singer until COVID. Had a 5 month old and needed money so I managed a grocery store for a few years outside of NYC.

Joined my current company because we were desperate to leave NY and I loved the values they are built on. Helped that my wife grew up in the same church as the founder and knew the family lived what they preached. It so happened that it was insurance but that didn't really matter to me. Now that I'm in it, I (mostly) love it.
I was looking for a "real job" to escape bartending.... and to impress a girl... lol.

Aflac rep left his folder at the bar, got to talking the next day when he picked it up. Now here I am 17 years later.
Working in a papermill as a millwright and hated it. Was recruited by the staff manager that came by to collect my MIL's insurance. That was July 1971.

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