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I've never been good about asking for referrals. Sometimes my clients will call me up and ask if it's ok that they give my name and # to a friend or relative.

The other day I received a letter from my lawn guy wanting me to renew my contract for lawn services in the spring/summer. At the end of his letter he wrote.....

New clients are always welcome. You can give me name and phone numbers any time. You can also give my name and phone number to your friends and neighbors. New clients can expect the same quality of service you recieve. You are my best advertiser, and any referrals are greatly appreciated.

I thought that was pretty good and will start using that myself. I thought I'd pass it onto the board :)
It's a little wordy but good.

Referrals are something that is earned by providing exceptional service.

The way to get referrals from your clients is to stay in touch with them. At the bottom of each piece of correspondence I send them I add,

"If you know any one else who I can help with their insurance needs I would appreciate it if you would give them my phone number".

I never come out and ask them for referrals, just add it at the bottom their birthday letter, news letter etc. That alone has gotten me a lot of referrals over the years.

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