Registered Nurse to Financial Broker in Georgia

" I am sitting here with back and knee pain! One of the many reasons I left nursing"
You are most likely rated with exclusion riders or a decline.
I would put an app in on yourself.
It will most likely not get favorable underwriting and you will have a personal experience, that you can relate to your prospects.
Do some research?
Who has the best own occ for nurses?
For Drs depending on profession most likely Guardian.
Good luck!
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Who has the best own occ for nurses?
You have to look more to the grey/blue collar carriers for nurses.

Assurity and Illinois Mutual are both very competitive in the space.

Guardian is one of the few white collar carriers that will look favorably on RNs but their pricing still doesn't compete (I know that's not all that matters but it's still important) even if you water down the benefits to match Assurity and IM. They won't even write LPNs.

The rest aren't really worth considering until you get into professions like nurse practitioners, CRNAs, etc.
I am not a DI guy but when at Guardian I was friends with the actuary that priced the DI products.
The data they collect is unbelievable.
Years ago they downgraded dentists and the field went nuts.
The % of claims coming from Dentists was off the charts and they wanted to slow that business down.
Do your homework and research different companies, if you meet with a wholesaler, ask him or her who is their main competition?
When I was a newby in this biz (1989) my agency had a selling agreement with Monarch Life a 2nd tier (being kind) DI company.
They held a meeting in our office and said if you come across a DR over 50 who has never had DI...he is automatic decline.
You might think you are selling a DI policy, they think they are buying a 401k supplement.