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RICO ACT lawsuits concerning Illegal APR changes in ACA and defrauding of customers


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Defendants constitute a RICO Enterprise targeting the poorest members of American society.

The consumer victims of this Enterprise comprise the first of two primaryCase 0:24-cv-60591-XXXX Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 04/12/2024 Page 1 of 672classes in this lawsuit, the “Consumer Class.” Defendants’ motives are simple — maximize profitsby seizing the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) health insurance market for low-income Americans.

Defendants’ tactics also directly injure the healthcare insurance agents who comprise this suit’s other primary class, the “Agent Class.”2.

Since at least 2022, Defendant TrueCoverage and its largest “downline” agent,Enhance Health, along with other relevant nonparties that serve as their downline agents, have spent tens of thousands of dollars daily to purchase Consumer Initiated Inbound Calls (“CIICs” or“Leads”) from outside lead-generation firms, including Defendant Minerva, that “capture” those victims by running fraudulent ads on social media. These ads lure consumers with the false promise of hundreds of dollars per month in cash benefits, such as subsidy cash cards to pay for common expenses like rent, groceries and gas:

Here are some attorneys representing agents who were harmed by this.

There are two sides to the class action, one for brokers and one for consumers!
If you feel like clients of yours or, yourself have been affected, you can reach out to the firm directly
Jason Kellog, Esq.
Jason Doss, Esq.
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
(770) 578-1314