Ring Central (800 numbers and e-faxing)



If you need a 1-800 number for your business, but don't want to pay the crazy rates that your local company will charge, you need to sign up with Ring Central.

Along with the 800 numbers, they offer a terrific fax to email service that allows you to send receive faxes directly on your computer.

They are currently running a promotion where you can try them free for a month. At that price, you can't afford not to try them.

In addition, if you decide to use them, you can get a free months worth of roll-over minutes to use anytime over the course of your first year if you sign up with this link.
I use Teligent - www.Teligent.com

I have told them 50 times I would do free commercials, give them testimonials, do whatever because it is one of the best services I have ever had bar none..

I get charged around .4 to .7 cents a minute for inbound toll free calls.
I can forward my toll free number to any other number I wish. The same with my fax toll free. I just call in and bam they switch it right then.That comes in useful when you're traveling.

So yeah I'm pretty happy with them.
Can this service be used if I bring an existing 800#?

I use a carrier called ECG and I'm charged 2.5 cents per minute (6 second rounding) for out-of-state toll-free and 5 cents in-state toll free.
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From their FAQ
Can I switch my current toll-free number to RingCentral?

You can switch your existing toll-free number to RingCentral; the ordering process for this type of change can take anywhere from 10 to 40 days to complete. You will need to complete a Letter of Agency (RespOrg) form and return this form directly to our service provider. If you're interested, please send a blank email to [email protected] and you will automatically receive further information and instructions via email.
I have a question for you guys who use any e-faxing service. Doesn't the fax come in through your e-mail and have the same exposure to hacking that regular e-mail has? I was recently discussing some information with an insurance carrier and they refused to e-mail the information but offered to fax it to a regular fax machine or send it snail mail because of privacy considerations. I can understand their trepidation. Please let me know your thoughts on this.
I also use Ring Central. Very easy to switch my calls from my office to my cell or from my office to my home office. All within a click.

Great product if you're in the market.
OK, I signed up. I've got one question.

The local number I received (I didn't want a toll-free number), is that also my fax number? In other words, does it accept voice mail and faxes, as well?

I do like the music on hold and the announcements. Just have that one question about the fax. I'm getting ready to make new business cards, and wondered how I should list it on my card.


Please explain the benefit of the fax option. Received fax needs to print out and sending fax (if not in computer file) requires scanning. What am I missing here?