Ring Central problems-anyone had this happen


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For the people who use ring central for their 800 # needs. I signed up with ring central a couple months or so ago and everything was fine for a while. Then all the sudden for a period of about a week, I started receiving calls from random states of people calling 800 #'s for companies and somehow when they hit the # for the option that they wanted, it got transfered to me. And my phone would ring every 2 seconds for 10 minutes straight, I answered a few to see what was going on and got the name and numbers etc. of the companies they were trying to call. Well I blocked the #'s online and presented this problem to Ring Central. The problem went away for a couple days, but when Ring Central got back to me they basically said, block the #'s or change your #, and maybe get the # for the company they are trying to reach, call them and see if they are "transferring calls to your number". WTF, Has anyone else had this problem with them???
I don't want to close my account I like all the features and controlls etc. and would have to transfer my # since it is printed on who knows how many business cards etc. but this is crap. Oh, by the way guess where I got a call from today...:mad::mad: