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Rural Hospital in the Red Caused by Medicare Advantage

You're in FL. Most other states are $250 to $300 or so without pdp. Roughly half of a T65 MAPD.
Don’t forget the bonus they are all paying now. 😀. I get emails weekly about new bonuses trying to get me to push their products. I present them to everyone but they all seem to like not paying a premium and getting their dental, vision, OTC, fitness reimbursement, hearing aids, gym membership and a far superior drug plan. Guess I can’t blame em. They don’t give a rats ass if the hospital has to wait a bit to get paid or the poor skilled nursing facility has to get the rehab approved rather then the free lunch ticket with OM.
@GoPokes Hi OOP results in unpaid hospital bills.

Hospitals have the same problem with folks who have Obamacare plans and have no problem stiffing the hospital for their deductible and other OOP costs.

I spoke to a friend over the weekend, she owns a PT clinic in DFW. She said for some of their billing codes, OM pays $300, but UHC MAPD only pays them $65. UHC used to be closer to $200, but they just randomly cut it by two thirds.

She said they used to help the patients file their own claims with their MAPD plans. I think she may have been referring to PPO, when out of network, but the carriers told them they could not do that for the patient, bc it is a violation of a medicare statute.