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Has anyone here ever bought any of Russ Jones material? I must be on his mailing list, I keep getting offers in the mail. Some of it sounds interesting, but most of it sounds too good to be true.

Anyone have direct experience with him?

How about let's update this thread? I am getting tons of emails from him as well and am really curious whether anyone has had success with his program?

Thanks to all!
Has anyone ever bought anything from him?? I have not, but I am curious.

I am fresh off an experience with Mr. Jones and his organization. I too have received a number of unsolicited emails from him offering their services. Overall my experience has been terrible to put it mildly.

His colleagues (Messrs. Ron and Ray Mapes) make a number of assertions and warranties about the validity and value of their information which is highly suspect to say the least. I additionally contracted with them for appointment setting serves and the delivery and execution has been disastrous. To date (after more than a month) they have not been able to deliver a single qualified appointment. Now they are playing the no refund game and I pointed out to them that taking consideration and then not performing a service is fraud, not a refundable product or service. In Colorado it could also be considered Theft by Deception.

After numerous phone calls and emails during which I received a plethora of excuses, I have decided to file suit against them and report their actions to the Colorado and Utah Secretaries of State, respectively.

My recommendation is for anyone to avoid any dealings with them at all.
Are you really an agent?. Sounds like you are just complaining cause you don't know how to make a sale. I looked at the history of post on these guys. No complaints Just you. Checked out the BBB again no complaint A rating.