Scotland: EU is a Political Gravy Train


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Pretty funny shiite here.

The First Minister of Scotland keeps chugging away declaring that Scotland will vote to leave the UK and will stay in the EU as a separate country.

However, a recent poll shows that 45% of scots think the EU is "a political gravy train". Sure 10% disagree and another 45% aren't sure either way but nevertheless those numbers are not a groundswell of support for the eu which she is planning on to help come up with good reasons to leave the UK. Those numbers are subject to change of course, ie. get worse for her I will bet.However, if the uncertain category is excluded, the figure for those fed up with the EU jumps to 82 per cent.

She needs to come to grips with reality. She is not going to stop Brexit, she is not going to get another scotland independence vote, and the scots are pissed about the same things the other brits are- immigration, the eu, and the health care system.

Just as in the US, you have dead-enders in the UK still trying to pretend that a vote did not take place. In their case it is Brexit.

Trump's mother was from Scotland. He probably knows how to communicate with them.


Scottish voters dismiss EU as