Seeking a Health Insurance Plan!



:cool:Hi everyone,
I am looking for health insurance. The plan I have now is no good and it costs too much. So I want to know about some others plans that give me better coverage. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!
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Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world so I get calls all of the time on weekends and evenings. In fact, I just got one a few hours ago from an ex-NHL player. Great conversation.

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The plan I have now is no good and it costs too much.

Why is it NO GOOD? What does it cost?

Odds are if it is "no good" you used it, and if you used it - you have a pre-existing condition(s) and / or prescriptions which might make qualifying challenging.

I am sure many people on this board will be glad to help you - we just need some more details on why you think it is no good, and the cost.

Do not post any private medical conditions or information on the board, but telling us what you have and how much it costs is a good starting point.
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"Here, let me tell you only what I want you to know. Then, when I am declined, or rated up, I can blame it on you."


"Give me some direction, so I can log back on to Netquote, and get a policy onlline."

What plan do you have now? What do like about your current plan? What do dislike about your current plan? Are you looking for coverage for you, your family, or your business? Age, height, weight? Are you or anyone in your family currently taking or in the past 12 months taken any medications? Are you self-employed? If you live in Illinois or Wisconsin e-mail me at [email protected]