Seeking advice from veteran P&C agents


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Hello all,

New to the forum and am seeking advice from some vet agents.

I am a marketer for a large life brokerage. My goal for 2008 is to bridge the gap between independent P&C brokerages that don't offer life products to their clients or market it to their client base consistently. This is more of a research question for myself and I was trying to think of all the reasons why brokerages DO NOT do it. I am seeking input into this matter so I can build a program that works.

Below are some of the reasons agent's I've spoken to expressed:

* completely different sale that they are uncomfortable with
* time intensive - very busy with their regular daily operations
* fear of unknown with no life ins. experience
* lack of product/marketing support

Again, I am hoping some veteran P&C agents could tell me why you personally haven't sold life. And for those that have what HAS made the difference for you to cross-sell. Thanks in advance.
Well my bro and his partner, our agency principals have both been in the P&C game for 20 years, They have given me two reasons. 1) Being Niche is key in the P&C game (we only do commercial to specific markets and that has made us very successful in building our book and credibility) This means we can look a contractor in the face and without a doubt say we know more than Agency B about your risk... they do every line out there and do not focus their skills 2) When your agency becomes A "Jack of All Trades" this really means your agency has become the "Master of Nothing" if you dont understand that then that is the concept you must grasp before you can step to the next level...