Seminar + Meal invites


I was at a prospects house yesterday, they pulled out 7 dinner seminar invitations delivered to them in a 2 week timeframe, all different restaurants for all different things (annuities, retirement planning, medicare, taxes, bathroom remodel, and I think one was for windows for their home).

7 free meals to attend a seminar in two this the new normal? What’s the next big thing after people are getting 40 dinner seminar tickets a month and just start chucking them in the trash?
I get them and the dinners are at some of my favorite places. These solicitations are from complete unknowns. I'm starting to think I should take them up on their offers. I also have no intentions of doing business with them so I hold off.
Its been like this for years now in my area.

I would never do a dinner seminar. Too many plate lickers out there who have no intention of doing business with you.

If a person is truly interested in the subject matter, they will attend without being fed.

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