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Sending Information


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I would love to know what the more experienced professionals recommend to send out in their e-mails and packets to potential clients?

I have only sent out information through e-mail and include the following;

1) Welcome letter from my agency containing a short introduction about the agency, premium range based on their age, zip code and family size, along with directions as to how to navigate the literature.

2) Plan brochure for two of the top companies based on products and price. I am appointed with all the major insurance companies.

3) An HSA document describing basic information.

4) A short application from one of the insurance companies.

5) A conclusion in the letter that states the time we agree upon to talk again and gather important information to narrow down the choices, re-emphasize how I can help them evaluate room for savings and increased coverage.

Does anybody do anything differently or have alternative suggestions?

That should be quite enough info to send out....in fact it may be too much.

Your chances are a lot higher if you can get an appointment with that prospect, but when they give you the "Can you send me some information?" it's usually a stall or their version of NI for Not Interested.

I feel into the trap awhile ago when I first started of making these great looking packets when my prospect ask me to send em' something......I never heard from them and when I followed up they said they hadn't had time to read, the car's tire got flat, ect.

Now I have an e-mail that I have or a fax that I can send to them quickly so my time and money aren't wasted.

Some people really just want to see what you have to offer on paper, so you meet them with that need, just try not to sell them through the postal service or an e-mail.

The biggest key I've found for myself is to tell them that I'll send it by tonight & I'll give you a call to make sure you got it the next day.

This accomplishes 4 things:

1. You meet their need to see something substantial
2. You verify that you are for real.
3. You let them know that you WILL verify that they received it, so if you sound like whatever info you are giving them is important to to verify, then it must be important enough to read.
4. They know that you are going to call them so they feel the need to "Read that Damm thing before that guy calls me so I don't feel out of the loop when he calls" feeling.

That's what I've had the best luck with, everyone has their own style and once you find it, stay with it and develop it so it truly is just a numbers game.

Good luck!
Here's a novel idea. Try a simple thank you letter, hand signed. Keep it short, personal and casual. That's it.

Fact, put a real stamp on it and even hand write the envelope.

People open their mail over the garbage can. Don't presume shoving an app and some glossy brochure with your mug all over it is going to make any difference. People don't care that much about you. They care about themselves, and others that care about them.

You can build that relationship using simple follow-up and personal, one-on-one communication, even by snail mail.

Quit wasting money on your brochures that get thrown away. Put that money into an iron-clad, automatic follow-up system with some personal communication.