Senior Life Services: Cancelations Letters Requirement

It will be interesting to see the placement and first year lapse ratios.

This is going to sound harsher than I mean it to.

Let's see, car salesmen paid to give some guy leads.
Some licensed gig workers fed the dream, given a script, and told 'all you got to do is talk'.

Dude, this may be just another refried MLM scheme, or,
you are brilliant and will be selling your business for millions.


That isn't true.

We now have 20 RA's. Most have " day jobs " -or- Careers.

We have a few College kids. They see the potential in the MLM side. Parents, Relatives, Friends, etc.

They show their warm market that they are a Licensed Insurance Agent - gives them cred.
Spin it anyway you want it. I've seen these chop shops for 20 years now. You will be on to something else in less than 6 months.
Not "some guy" - but, a Licensed Agent that writes the Referrals that are sent their way by a Licensed Agent.

I understand the talking points.

Just because a guy has a hammer doesn't make him a carpenter.

Primerica has a boat load of licensed agents.
Go onto any FB group and you will find as many 'fog a mirror' recruiters as licensed salesmen and fewer agents.

Are your licensed agents experienced agents or new salesmen?

Look man if it works, good on you and them.

However, I am guessing the smart licensed agents are going to be changing careers as soon as they meet uncle Victor Vector.

I believe in referrals. Not something that is taught any longer. However, client referrals are different than paid name and phone number leads.

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