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"Seniors First" HO Insurance Initiative


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Seniors Get Massively Discounted Home Insurance Rates Through New "Seniors First" Initiative.

Two months ago, 67 year old native Milwaukeean Linda Pearl, needed to save some money on bills after her and her husband recently retired after 35+ years from the Post Office. Her old boss was always great with money so she reached out for advice.

Looking over her bills, he found she was paying triple what he was for insurance -- yet she owned her home much longer than him.

I won't post links but a search for "seniors first initiative homeowners insurance" returns a handful of sites where seniors can "cash in on the savings".

Just saw an ad on FB for this program. Of course I know the ad has been fully vetted and FB would never allow a sponsored ad that is not 100% factual . . .

I sense there is a pony in there somewhere.