series 6 contract


I have been offered a position with Northwest Mutual, Western Southern and MetLife. I am still considering the + and - of each firm. I have some follow up meetings next week with 2 of them.

if I want to get series 6 and 63, do I have to sign a formal contract with one of these firms? my hope was to do as I did with insurance license and study for the exam, get the license and then make my decision. it appears that you have to be contracted with a firm, before you can schedule the exam?

Thanks for the advice/comments

You have to be sponsored by a firm in order to sit for a securities exam (the complete opposite of an insurance test process). therefore, the decision on the firm must be made first.
You can take the 63 without sponsorship.

You cannot take the 6 without sponsorship although you can certainly study for it.
thanks guys. appreciate it. ordered and received the study materials from Kaplan.

see how it goes.