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Petersen International Underwriters has launched its newest generation of Disability Severance Agreement Coverage.

“People who take early retirement often assume that “full benefits” includes the group disability plan.” says Thomas Petersen, Director of Public Relations. “The fact is that group insurance has a clause which says that a person must be actively at work. Once a person leaves the company, he or she is NO LONGER actively at work. This leaves the employer with a great deal of liability since it is the employer who agreed to the terms of severance! “ Petersen continues.

Severance Agreement Disability Coverage is designed to give someone similar benefits that they have had through employment for up to one year following the termination of employment. This program reduces employer liability and adds comfort to the employee while at the same time encouraging the employee to seek new employment.

Petersen International Underwriters, a LloydÂ’s Correspondent, designs and underwrites High Limit and Special use disability plans for insurance professionals around the country. It is one of the largest writers of High Limit disability and International Medical plans in the United States.