should I also get Property and Casualty license



I recently received my Ohio Life A&H license over the holiday. I have been talking to a couple companies, NWMF, Western southern, and Met-life. I also was going to try to contact my local Mass Mutual office and introduce myself and talk to them about Mass Mutual.

In seeking some advice, I spoke to my P&C agent here in town and he offered to me to come under his wing, split commissions with him stay employed at my present job to keep benefits etc and do the insurance part time. To be honest, it sounds kind of good. He is an independent agent and stated that if I did this, I would need to have a P&C license as well and also the 6 and 63.

I dont like doing anything part time, but thought it may be a good way to learn the business still keep my work benefits and salary and do a slower transition.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks and Happy New Year to all

Why do you need your 6 and 63 just starting off?

It sounds like a reasonable offer, could work out great. I would have a plan to transition off of part time, part timers usually go belly up in the biz - but that is just my opinion anyhow.

Good luck and give it a try - it sounds like the P&C local guy is giving you a fair shake, probably a lot less BS than the other outfits you are considering - which run through bodies...
thanks for the reply. most people that I know will need some advice on retirement, planning etc. I dont want to miss any opps when visiting with clients.


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