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Hello everybody.

For those of you selling Sierra Rx, they are no longer taking applications. They too have 'met their financial goals.' :roll:

If you have, and have taken apps dated after 2/14, they will not process them. You have to go back to those clients and write another drug company.

Also, I found out the more business you have written with a company, the longer it takes to get paid (this was conveyed to me) because processing takes longer? If this is you, you should call your FMO and see if he or she will help you track which cases are still pending - which means some leg work on you to go back and see who was issued and not and decifer who you have been and not been paid on yet.

If you plan to write MAs after 3/31, you are to write in L-OEP because there will not be a check box for you to check on the application.

Coventry is starting to pay (for those whom have not seen any payment yet).

If you're doing a SEP, you should provide documentation with your applications if required.

And that's all my information I have to share with you in case any of your FMO's have not yet informed you or do not know yet.

Hope this helps you because it sure has helped me.
honestagent said:
Coventry is starting to pay (for those whom have not seen any payment yet).

I haven't had any problems with Coventry paying on their MA plans. They have been slow on the PDP plans, but they have paid fairly quickly on the MA plans. Usually within a week or two of submission.