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I got a lead in by mistake for a lady in TX looking for insurance. After a brief discussion, I gave her a name of an agent from the forum and how to contact him. I also sent Scott (STI) an email with her information and copied her.

About 30 minutes later Scott called to thank me for the referral. He told me she was ready to buy whatever he recommended.

When I first found this forum (on the old site) Scott & I clashed in a very open & heated way. My initiation into the club was purely by fire but I stuck to my guns (and so did he).

Times are different now. I won't say Scott has mellowed, that might hurt his feelings. But I have gained a respect for him and some of the other folks on this forum that I consider to be class acts. I have no problems whatsoever giving referrals to people I trust.

I wish I had a tape recorder going. Would have loved to tape Scott as he recapped the conversation.

Everyone works this business differently, especially over the phone.

I have decided, especially after listening to him, that Scott gives "good phone".

I took notes and will be incorporating some of what he does into my pitch. Hopefully he will consent to share some of his dialogue with the rest of us and maybe others will as well.

Any smooth operators want to share a few secrets?
I know that I could benefit. When I make calls I have to put a note up that says SLOW DOWN.

I am bad on the phone. I am drawing up a script (rather talking points) for AEP calls. I always do the "I should have said..." after I get off the phone. So, rather then do that every call, I am going to have them in front of me.
like I told you last night its easier to sell yourself and what you do rather than shove a plan down someones throat with in the first 5 min of talking to most case's we are not even talking rates or plans till after I look at rates on the top 6 plans and email my results....and it is important to be able to keep a good energy flow on the phone just like we use to do back in the day when we were sitting at the kitchen table with them.....
Great post! I, also basically talk concepts and sell myself versus rates, never even talk rates until after I do some research. I get agreement when it would be convenient to call back and discuss my findings. The most important thing in your phone approach is to make them feel comfortable talking with you. I often have my wife or older daughter listen to my conversations and they always say, you sound so easy going and informative. This has taken a long time, but if you truly are acting in their best interests, it will come across.
When I first found this forum (on the old site) Scott & I clashed in a very open & heated way. My initiation into the club was purely by fire but I stuck to my guns (and so did he).

Yesterday I gave a lead to someone on this board whom I don't agree with and 'clash' with over many issues.

This board is NOT 'real life.' Don't confuse the online persona with the real persona. Often they do not equate.

If I think an agent (here) will do a good job I don't care if he is a PITA to me. The guy I gave the lead to has forgotten more about insurance than I will ever know. He'll do a good job for the client and that's all that matters.

Al, I could not agree more. Personalities are different and as much as it would be great if everyone were as nice as me, it won't happen.

Some agents are all about the sale. Shoving something down the prospects throat without regard to what the client actually needs.

Others are more into asking questions first, then listening to what the prospect wants and showing it to them.

Until I talk to a prospect I have no idea which plan, or which carrier I will suggest.

I don't look at commissions before making a recommendation. Some do.

Kenny Rogers said it best. "Never count your money while you are sitting at the table, they'll be time enough for counting when the dealing is done."