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I have a company that uses over 10,000 realtors as sole proprietors. They aren't company employees, so unable to get on the group policy. Is there any way to write them a group policy? The agents are mostly located in PA, MD, and VA.
I pretty much thought it was no. I'm writing individual policies for them, but every time they call in, they ask why can't someone come up with a group plan for them.

Thanks for the lead. I'll give Rob a call.
Check with your carriers although I assume most won't touch it. Here in CA, Health Net will write 1099s as group as long as there are two W-2 in the group (the main company) and there is a "relationship" between the 1099 and the company (used to be and may still be 2 years something like that).

We used to have PacAdvantage which would also write 1099 in the same fashion.

Associations are tough to do these days even in just one state. If you try to do it while complying with the mandates of those 3 states, the cost will be crazy!
Some carriers, including Blue (in GA at least) will write real estate agencies even though everyone is 1099.

And there are some carriers that will write 1099 groups if there is one class with at least 2 W2 employees. Here is one source.