Somarco your my hero!

Well somarco I knew you were good but the folks at united healthcare must like you: Here is your 15 minutes of fame: HSA Education is Just a Click Away - NAHU - Health Insurance Underwriters


That's a nice article. You exhibit a lot of care in the best interests for your clients. It sums up all the benefits and good qualities of HSAs. Others can learn a lot from your example.

In my humble opinion, this article should be the forward and "must read" to any agent opening the book to learning about HSA plans.

MHart, thanks for bringing this to our attention.
one-third of customers who purchased HSA plans from Golden Rule last year were previously uninsured.

I was surprised to read that high percentage.
Mark (and others) -

Thx for the kind words.

I just wish you had not posted this on Valentines Day. Some folks may think there is something odd going on . . .

Cue the dueling banjo's please.

As for the 33% buying HSA's having no prior coverage, I agree . . . to a point. I don't run into that many folks who are uninsured unless it is someone who finds me (vs. purchased leads). A good number of those end up buying some form of high deductible plan (but not necessarily the HSA).

I would challenge that figure if I could.

It seems more likely that 1/3 of uninsureds by a HSA rather than 1/3 of HSA sales are to uninsured.