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You guys do a great job of keeping the spammers out, but obviously some sneak in from time to time. Other forums I have visited require a live validation of the email address (by the SYSOP) and then all comments are moderated until you have "proven" yourself.

I don't know if you want to go to that much trouble or not, but would be nice to log in and not have to see the porn, viagra or quote engine links from spammers.
I deleted 31 spammers members today. That is the most ever, they just kept on coming. A few of them actually post but most of them are content to just have a link to their site on the memberslist page.

I suspect that the increase is because today, for the first time ever, we are listed on google's first page of results for insurance forum and insurance forums.

I am looking into some of the possible tweaks, but before I spend more money on having a programmer make changes, I am awaiting news of an update of php, at which time I will need to have the programmer do the convert anyway.

As many have indicated, if it takes money, most (if not all) are willing to chip in.

Within reason of course . . .