Speak up about FMO release practices


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A few people asked me where I posted my comment that appeared in Senior Market Advisor. I went to their web site and added the comment below the article. Funny, they did not include my name on the site, but did so in the magazine.

You can see it at: http://www.producersweb.com/r/smaMag/d/contentFocus/?adcID=04018b3b613a7a934fd7509d38cf67fc

I wonder if it would be more beneficial is someone who writes better than I do submit an editorial about this subject. I'll be happy to write something if someone voluntees to edit and put it in "english."

This dishonest agreement between FMOs and insurance carriers must either be disclosed to us prior to signing a contract, or not be enforced. If this was a reasonable then it would be disclosed.

The SSNA FMO is not helping with support, is there anything around that concept we would file an appeal to about getting released?