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Starting over...

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It's simply all about the leads - making sure the leads are exclusive and you have plenty of them. 99% of them time I'm talking to agents who aren't making enough sales it's due to lack of leads.

This is what I put into underwriting yesterday (names blanked out for HIPAA obviously) and under that is the leads I'm working so far since the 3rd of this month. As you might see, I'm working more leads now after 3 days than most agents will work all month. So it's not like I'm good at anything. I just work loads and loads of leads.

Jan production so far: ($1,794 in commissions isn't a bad way to start the new year after 3 days of sales)

1/4/2007 L***** W****n 410-551-**** la*******[email protected] **** Arwell Ct Severn MD 21144 CoreMed $3,000 ded 50% $2,500 OOP w/copay $1,356 $339
1/4/2007 Ma****e C***x 301-855-**** m******[email protected] ***** Apple Way Dunkirk 20754 Max $2,500 ded 50% $2,500 OOP no copay $3,588 $897
1/4/2007 D****n M*****ey 410-236-**** de*******[email protected] **** Goucher ave Lutherville 21093 Max $2,500 ded 50% $2,500 OOP w/copay $2,232 $558

LEADS SO FAR I'M WORKING (These are public leads lists so people's names aren't protected but I deleted last names and last digists of phone numbers anyway. - sorry it didn't format too well when I tried to copy and paste.)

1/2/2007 Tanya 301-937- [email protected] 41M S F33 20705
2pm - sent email
1/3 - has a deadline this week but is interested - call early next week
1/2/2007 Jacquetta 301-937- [email protected]
2:15 - sent email. Is the business manager for Creative Laundry w/20 employees. Interested in possibly switching to individual
1/3 11am - currently in a meeting - call back in the afternoon
1/2/2007 Tom 301-595-
Covered by his wife but has one employee. Mail to Meterman Supply Inc 11890 Old Baltimore Pike Suite R Beltsville 20705
1/3 - mailed packet
1/3/2007 Nicole 301-346- [email protected] F37 21113
Currently has Mamsi at $206 per month - wants better plan. Follow up in one week by email

1/3/2007 Andrew J 410-360- M46 S 21122
No current plan - mail to American Auto Exchange 124 Mountain Rd Pasadena 21122
1/3 mailed packet
1/3/2007 Douglas 410-674- M36 F34 C2 21113 John
Currently on Mamsi plan - mail info to Grace Baptist Church 1350 Blair Dr Ste H Odenton 21113
1/3 mailed packet
1/3/2007 Barbara 410-761-6 21122 John
Interested for herself and employees - wants it mailed then schedule meeting: 8039 Ritchie Hwy Suite D Pasadena 21122
1/3 mailed packet
1/3/2007 Scott 301-937 20737
mail to Scott's Custom Auto Body 6702 Auburn Ave Riverdale 20737
1/4 mailed packet
1/3/2007 Bea 301-931-1881 [email protected]
Runs CUC management in charge of selling the Cluck U Chicken franchises - wants my info for store owners
1/3/2007 Raul 301-931- [email protected] M32 F32 C3 20708
Currently has a family plan and all employees have their own plan. Owns Partners Carpet Care
1/3/2007 Ann 301-474- ann.scher@
Owns Varilog Research - currently has a group plan with 4 employees but wants to look into indivdual
1/3/2007 Isidro 301 674-9 M38 F26 20705
No current coverage - going out of town until next Thursday: mail to Garcia & Garcia Homes 4802 Odell Rd Beltsville 20705 aspringer@
Contact is Andrew but the person who need coverage is Brian Shipp
1/4/2007 Anna 301) 931- M46 F38 C2 20705
No current insurance - owns restaurant mail to: El Sombrerito 11510 Baltimore Ave Beltsville 20705
1/4/2007 Mark 301) 595-2 [email protected] M44 s C2 20705
Owns Capitol Surfaces - currently has a family plan and looking to save money
1/4/2007 Mary 301) 937-
4 people who all have individual plans. Mail to: United Photo Inc 5005 Garrett Ave Beltsville 20705
1/4/2007 Darryl 301) 931- eaglepandbforms@
3 person company - Darryl has coverage through his wife but Paul M36 has 6/12 plan though State farm and Tammy has no insurance
1/4/2007 James 301) 395- review@ M50 F46 C2 20623
Very friendly - looking to save money off current plan
1/4/2007 Timothy 301) 441-4664 handy8306@
Wants the info for one of his employees - M52 - who's complaining about Carefirst rate increases.
1/4/2007 Darrel 301) 937- ck7235@ M45 20772
1/5/2007 Jim 301-334- 20705
Owner of Taylor Sheet Metal Fabricators - interested in giving info to one of his uncovered employees
1/5/2007 Jim 301) 595-
Interested in getting info for two people. Mail to: Equipment Repair Service 5112 Cypress Rd Belstville 20705
Wow - and I thought I was alone

Mike Golden - I too am relatively new to insurance & feel I share your strengths & weaknesses. I felt like I was reading about myself. I have learned everything the hard way & as a result am not making enough money yet.

I came from a technology background too & quit to go full time with insurance in May 2006. I spent most of May getting appointed with carriers & trying to learn product sets. Very little selling took place - only spending.

Aflac wanted me to go full time, so I wasted a good amount of time riding around with a District Coordinator cold calling with almost no yield - there goes June.

July I bought some leads & did my own networking, and things got a bit better, but it took till August to see any money for my efforts.

I too got involved with NAA this fall - it lasted less than a month. I thought they were deceitful - I wrote 5 deals under them in about 2 weeks & spent the rest of the time trying to figure out how to get out of it.

I'm selling some mortgage protection under United Brokerage group now and buying some internet leads to keep growing my individual business, but will also really need to seriously ramp up this year to make it.

All in all, I've narrowed my product set and am concentrating on a few areas that are simple for me so that I can be more effective. I'll need to call on more businesses to fill in my health insurance income, even though I really don't like B2B. I did it with commercial technology products with very large companies & find the individual sale so much more intimate & fun.

but, I would need so much volume with just individual that I don't see making my financial objectives with that alone.

Thoughts? Advice?
One more thing . . .

John, the public lead lists you show here - where do you get those? Through a marketing company or broker of some kind?

I'd appreciate some advice on sources for leads you consider to be viable.


Don't you feel like you're wasting time and money on postage mailing something out? Do you think people really look at it?

What's been your experience?
Well, I have three more deals going today - one already submitted and all from mailing out info.

It's ironic that the method that's working best for me in this age of technology is cold calling small biz owners and mailing out brochures.

And yes, they actually read the brochures. What they DON'T do is read the PDF files when I used to email the info. And even the people who request the info by email say "I haven't read through it yet."

But it's pretty cool for people to get that nice big packet and I have a letter that breaks it all down easily. It's also MUCH easier when I follow up with them since they can just grab the brochure and rate chart and follow along with me. I still sign everyone up online without meeting with them.

No doubt, this is my method. And the lists from from Goleads single user account.
Re: Wow - and I thought I was alone

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telemarketing group

I'm not familiar with Jamie Rice's telemarketing group. Where are they & how do I contact for pricing/overview of services?
Mike, does Jamie's group use their own script for the calls or did you provide that? I would love to see an example of that script. I have one I use, but I don't think it is the most effective.

Also, would like to see the script you use on the follow up call.

How about any of you other guys? Here is basically my script for the follow up. Critique away!

Good morning...may I speak with John? Hi John, my name is Cliff Horton and I understand you talked with Lisa on January 2nd about getting some quotes for your health insurance. I know that Lisa got some information from you and I just need to verify your information to see if you qualify for any discounts. (I then follow up with all the info and I prepare a quote)

Now I've got your information in and I'm coming up with $xxx.xx. Are you paying more than that now for your current plan?

If yes:

Great! I'll need for you to have your current policy available when I come by to see you to make sure that we have covered all the bases and hopefully offered you more benefits at a lower premium. It will take us about 15 minutes to complete an application and you won't have to pay anything up front....i'll take your application and a voided check and we'll submit it for consideration. You of course can keep your coverage in place until our underwriting makes a decision and then we can coordinate your new coverage with the stop date on your old plan. I'll be in your area on tuesday of next week...is mornings or afternoons better for you?
(I set the appointment and prepare to close the deal)

If no:

I try to find out a little more information about their coverage, but I don't dwell on it too long before I move on to the next lead.

Ok....bring on the critique...I can take it!
At first glance, IMHO I would emphasize that the prospect should keep their current policy in place until their application is approved and the new policy issued. The wording you have appears to make it optional. :D
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