StateFarm, Allstate, Farmers, Progressive, AmFam


Can one get appointed with these companies on a non captive basis? As an Independent contractor? Would you own the book of business?
My understanding is the only one you can do as "independent" is Progressive. I sell it out of my office. Others are all captive with the usual requirements of product sales.
Farmers has an independent program called "Fast Agents" at least they did a few years ago.

Sorry, I don't know the appointment process, or if they are growing this program.
I am a Farmers Agent. Farmers has the right of first refusal to all pieces of business I come across, and if Farmers chooses not to write the business, they give their Agents complete latitude to broker the deal out.

I've heard that Farmers is the only 'captive' company that allows their agents to go outside the company to write business, but I am not sure if this is true. I'd like to hear from anybody who knows for sure if the other 'captive' company's allow their agents to go outside the company.

Hope that helps, and I hope to hear back from someone who knows.
WFG? Excuse me for not knowing what that means...

I apologize, InsuranceRus, it is World Financial Group. It is part of one of the world's leading insurance, pension and related financial services companies, Aegon. Prudential, ING, TransAmerica, WRL, Allianz, Pacific Life, and Lincoln are just some of the 70 or so providers for WFG.

You can build your agency anywhere you want in US, Canada, or China at this time.
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